Press Officer

Astrid Marie Årdal

& Helene Gjerde Aamdal

Email: equinesportphoto@gmail.com

Tel: +47 94 78 25 49

& 47 97 56 72 30


Press photographers

Helene Gjerde Aamdal,

Astrid Marie Årdal

& Une Susrud

Email: equinesportphoto@gmail.com 



Paulo Velez

Email: paulovelez@gmail.com

Tel: +351 961 826 103

Press information

Pictures and video for non-press use and commercial use can only be captured by our press photographers from inside the arenas. Photography is allowed, but only for the use in magazines and professional websites. It is not allowed to sell pictures from the event without permission from the press officer. 


Accreditation 2022

We warmly welcome the press and media to the LONGINES EEF Nations Cup in Drammen! If you want accreditation for the event, please fill out the





Confirmation of approved accreditation and further information about the event will be sent to the email you filled out in the form before the event starts.